Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pale Moon

I fell instantly in love with Pale Moon when I first heard Betty Cody singing it!! The only thing I have every purchased on eBay was the 78 of this record; once I heard it, I had to have it!!

Hear about Betty Cody from Betty herself:

I love this song, and this is just my silly attempt at trying to sing it!!

Happy Trails!!


  1. I may hate myself later for saying this, but I like your version better than Betty's!!! Good job!

  2. You've won a major award!!! I am a Nigerian Prince, that understands the brilliance of your blog, but I need your help transferring your award to you. To collect your award, you must go to thewackytacky.blogspot.com. All of this is true -except the Nigerian Prince part!!!