Wednesday, May 19, 2010


On Day 2 we went and walked around, then we went to the silent movie. The silent movie this year was, "Her Wild Oat" it was really good. The organ player was amazing. I could sit in that theater and listen to the 80 year old Paige organ for hours on end. I LOVE IT!! Then I went and got ready for the dance...the whole point of the trip. The dance was put on by the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. It is a blast.

Near the Casino!
Also, near the Casino

Side note....We were in line to buy tickets for this, and some guy walked up to us and offered us free tickets!! He said he gave them to us because we looked good, how sweet.
This is my 1930's gown.
This is Katherine Brooks and I.
This is Rob and Ashley.
This is a picture of me dancing with 92 year old Bill Hill. (Not of Billy Hill and the Hill Billys.) He has been living full time on the island since 1963, but her first went to Catalina in 1919. His family has owned property on Catalina since 1890.

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