Monday, May 17, 2010


We took the Catalina Flyer over there on Friday morning. We ate lunch at Jack's. (Bob Decastro was there.) We went and walked around. We went to the arcade, got some prizes. Then ate our weight in maple ccokies and juice. Then we did some thriftin' got some cool stuff. Then off to the organ concert and movies.

CRABS? What is going on? On our trip to we always encounter some sort of weird animal life. Either deformed in somewa Catalina y, or in a strange place. This was pretty weird seeing a crab this far away from the water. Last year I saw a pigeon with its eye hanging out, and the year before a one-legged seagull eating a jellyfish.


I left my hair in pincurls on the boat and for part of the day, then I let my hair down.
I really love this outfit. I love lots of color.

They have phone booths in Catalina. I take a picture in one of these every year.
This is on our way to the Casino to see the free organ concert with the movie. The organ is a paige organs that was built in 1922?! I love it, and I could listen to organ music all day.

This picture does not do this place justice. It is one of my favortie places in the world. IT IS AMAZING. There are twinkle lights in the ceiling. It is stellar. We went to go see Robin Hood...but we really just went for the organ concert that comes with it if you go to the movie.


  1. Apparently I don't have to do anything to comment on here.

    I like the yellow, it's very "Peel slowly and see."

  2. Goodness gracious you & that outfit...too cute for words!
    It looks like you two had a ball (: