Friday, November 25, 2011

River, River of Love so Wide.

This is one of my favorite places to get away from it all. Up until recently the river has run dry. The other night I convinced some friends to go on a drive, we ended up here. People make fun of me for my love of stars, but they don't seem to understand that they are few and far between in my town, the light capital of the world. We beat out the clouds the other night and got to look up at stars. I looked out the car window, and then immediately pulled over. It was nice, even if just for a few freezing minutes (48 probably not freezing to the rest of the world, but I am a Southern California girl) to be out in the middle of nowhere in complete darkness, and be able to look up at a speckled sky. While on the side of the road, I heard the river running...

The song Big Wide River of Love came to mind.
I'd like to introduce you to Petunia and the Vipers!

It Ain't

The Ugliest, Bitterest, Coldest, Dreariest Place I've Ever Seen
-(I don't think that about this place, its just a nice song!)

Cold Heartbreaker

These guys are incredibly talented, kind, and warm.
I can't speak highly enough of these guys, I really look forward to their return!
I love these guys and if you live in Southern California, they will be here Feb 2011.
Check them out at

P.S. You're welcome, for introducing you to your new favorite band!!

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